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Apollo.ai goes Swiss: A look behind the scenes of the expansion

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As a Linz-based company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) for executives, we are now entering the Swiss market with great anticipation. Our latest partnership with Solver Advisory paves the way for this exciting expansion.

We invite you to watch our brutkasten talk and be inspired by our mission and vision for the future. Stay tuned for exciting news and further updates from Apollo.ai!

The partnership with Solver Advisory

An important step forwardOur Chief Commercial Officer, Steffen Lange, sat down with Thomas Kocher, Managing Partner and founder of Solver Advisory, to discuss the rationale behind this expansion and our future plans. We focused on the strategic importance of this partnership as well as the goals and plans for marketing and offering Apollo.ai to Swiss SMEs.

The future of Apollo.ai in Switzerland

We also discussed the dynamic landscape of the Swiss market and Apollo.ai's scaling plans. We paid particular attention to the role of our solutions in the SME segment and the application of Apollo.ai to improve corporate governance in this region.

Artificial intelligence at the service of decision making

Another highlight of the conversation was the discussion on the use of AI and generative AI in Apollo.ai. We explained how our technology increases efficiency and transparency in decision-making and provides a digital assistant to check the compliance of decisions.

An outlook on the future

Finally, we ventured a look into the future of Apollo.ai and outlined our plans for further development and expansion in Switzerland. We emphasized the importance of corporate governance and supporting SMEs in succession planning and transformation.

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