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In today's fast-paced and remote work environment, decision-making needs to be quick, efficient, and secure.'s digital circular resolutions provide a perfect way that ticks all these boxes and more.

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How helps

Create a culture of effectiveness –'s digitized circular resolutions capabilities eliminate the need for unnecessary board meetings and streamline communication among board members.
Reduced risk due to standardization – Create circular resolution with all details. Upload necessary attachments. Define voting options. Set approval rate. Vote.
Reduce the turnaround times of formal decisions – Accelerating the pace of formal decision-making can have a significant impact on organizational success. Optimize efficiency and drive growth.

How works

With a single source of truth for your board's decision and meeting content, data, and workflows, empowers you to be more informed, more effective, and less complicated.

Decisions without waiting for meetings provides all the information your team needs to act decisively. Administrators create an approval, and directors receive instant notifications.

Voting & digital signatures

Enhance your decision-making process with our digital circular resolution feature. With just a click, you can easily certify and approve resolutions, saving valuable time and resources.

A central storage hub

Discover the convenience of having all your important details stored in one secure virtual location. With our central storage solution, you can access your information quickly and easily from anywhere at any time.

Real-time digital tracking & visualization

Stay up-to-date with instant results and ensure transparency for every circular resolution – with our traceable, audit-proof visualization and documentation features.

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" empowers companies to soar to new heights of productivity through agility and ownership, transforming uncertainty into clarity."

Dr. Rudolf Krickl

Territory Senior Partner

" has restored consistency, structure, and, above all, efficiency to our meetings, all the while preserving our flexibility."

Michael Krammer


" not only exceeded all of our requirements but what truly set them apart was the exceptional level of guidance the team provided us right from our very first appointment."

Peter Langeder


" satisfies all our criteria for modern board management by delivering robust functionality, and presents an intuitive interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience."

Christian Klein



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