Board, Decision & Meeting Management

is no rocket science!

Bring speed, intelligence, and intuitive simplicity to all of your decision-making processes. Our intelligent all-in-one solution is perfect for the coordination and execution of any board and meeting management setup.


Planing is key

Having an efficient plan is half the battle for a more productive meeting. Save yourself time and focus your efforts on the success of the company.


Easy to use

Whether board member, manager or administrator - the All-in-One Board & Decision Cloud is user-friendly and suitable for anyone.


Keep an overview

With, you can maintain an overview of all tasks, emails and follow-ups. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to productivity.


Stay flexible

Switch effortlessly between various working environments and access your virtual meetings with a single click.

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Optimise your decision-making and meeting processes with our holistic solution. Increase your impact now.

Meeting-process optimization can improve meeting processes by 56%.

Intuitive user interface

Sharing meeting results with participants has never been quicker or easier.

Real-time documentation

Find all of your tasks and decisions clearly organized in one place.

Improved team building

Through better-structured meetings, you promote long-term team loyalty at all levels.

Hierarchies don’t matter helps everyone from CEOs and executives to assistants and office managers. in action

Meetings reimagined: With, we guide you towards more clarity, efficiency, and success in meetings & decisions. Get started now!

Use Case

Clear Processes


Stalled Decisions

Without clear processes, many decisions are not implemented or are delayed. This leads to inefficient management and missed business goals.


Creating Accountability

With, decisions are made transparent and binding. The information process ensures that all decisions are implemented timely and effectively.

Use Case

Risk-free with Us


Tedious Processes

Complex compliance processes often lead to difficulties in adherence. This increases the risk of violations and complicates audits.


Effective Risk Minimization

Compliance processes are managed transparently and efficiently. The platform reduces risks through comprehensive documentation and tracking, ideal for internal and external audits.

Use Case

Effective Search


Time-consuming Searches

Without an efficient management platform, searching for protocols, tasks, and decisions takes a lot of time and hampers productivity.


Quick Search

Finding protocols and decisions is as easy as a Google search with This saves time and significantly increases management efficiency.

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Dr. Rudolf Krickl

Territory Senior Partner

" has restored consistency, structure, and, above all, efficiency to our meetings, all the while preserving our flexibility."

Michael Krammer


" not only exceeded all of our requirements but what truly set them apart was the exceptional level of guidance the team provided us right from our very first appointment."

Peter Langeder


" satisfies all our criteria for modern board management by delivering robust functionality, and presents an intuitive interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience."

Christian Klein


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Take control and transform your decisions and meetings!

Put an end to slow and chaotic decisions. We help you to increase the impact of your meetings by transforming you into an efficient decision-making body.