The All-In-One Board & Decision Cloud's intelligent all-in-one board & decision cloud captures, manages, and shares knowledge before, during, and after meetings, transforming decisions into valuable assets, and driving leadership impact.

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Lost in space with Word, email & files?

Boards and leadership teams have a greater impact than any other team in an organization. But, while technology has transformed virtually every aspect of modern work, the boardroom and the practices that surround it are still beholden to pre-digital systems and processes. We're here to change that!


Overwhelming chaos

Piles of decision and meeting data scattered across outdated and insecure tools breaking the flow, losing track, and causing headaches and chaos.


Relieving clarity

One streamlined and compliance-ready process simplifying meetings, unlocking the real value of decisions and connecting it to your entire organization.


A holistic solution for your decision-making flow

Why do companies have tools for anything other than their organization's most important assets? Decisions. With you can manage decisions – and meetings where they are made – to enhance their impact.

+56 % improvement of meeting process

From participants management and agenda planning to rules of collaboration and follow-ups, the meeting process is more than just the meeting.

Easy-to-use & intuitive user interface

Whether meeting minutes were completed, final decisions were made, or follow-up tasks assigned, you can distribute meeting results with with just one click.

Real-time access documentation

Always stay up-to-date and track tasks and decisions made sustainably and securely in a central platform.

+30 % higher retention among managers

Organize high-quality meetings and constructive communication within your team and reduce resignations in your teams members on all levels in the long term.

Free Decision & Meeting Assessment!

Conduct a free online assessment of your decision-making and meeting processes and culture – and measurably capture the status quo and potential of your organization!

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AI powered assistant

Better decision with AI

Our name says it all – Our many years of AI know-how are continually incorporated into product development. Imagine having the content and results of every meeting in available to you via chat with just one question to our AI assistant. These and other AI functions are being implemented. Our AI applications are designed to accompany you and draw your attention to opportunities and risks.

Stay on top of your obligations solves a variety of problems and provides a holistic solution for you to drive leadership impact and boost productivity.

Our process

A streamlined, compliance-ready and digital process simplifies meetings and decision-making, increasing efficiency and providing real-time visibility:

Prepare structured meetings
Conduct meetings efficiently
Document meetings sustainably
Track progress of decisions & resolutions

Set up meetings in seconds

Efficient planning is the only way to a productive meeting. Free up valuable time and focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Create meetings including meeting agendas easily in the platform
Collect and store all documents for meetings in one place
Manage the participants of a meeting directly in the platform
Create personal notes in advance and have them at hand at any time

Foster collaboration is built to help everyone involved do their best work by removing friction and fostering collaboration. From preparation, through planning and follow-up, we've designed our platform to address the unique needs of directors, executives, and administrators alike, because good governance is a team effort.

Start meetings directly in
Always keep an eye on the time with the integrated timer
Take the minutes during the meeting and add your personal notes
Save valuable time with shorter, more efficient meetings

Worry less, achieve more

Managing tasks and meeting follow-ups with email is messy and complicated. With you can keep track of what's important while keeping things moving forward.

Save resources through increased efficiency through digital processing
Keep track of all resolutions with documentation that can be retrieved at any time and is audit-proof
Take advantage of digital signatures and the ability to perform digital voting

Connect all data in one seamless & secure flow

Stop juggling platforms and searching for the most up-to-date files. Transition effortlessly between different work environments with one-click access to virtual meetings. Meetings couldn't be simpler or more secure.

Ensure structured and secure communication with all stakeholders
Capture and retrieve decisions and rulings at any time
Define responsibilities and deadlines with stakeholders
Track progress of all decisions in real time reporting system

Our proven process for driving outcomes

Nothing is more important than a focused workflow. We help guide you from A to Z.

Clarifying the current situation and establishing governing rules

We perform a stakeholder analysis and synchronize with your processes and technical infrastructure. We then review your current status and suggest specific optimization opportunities.

Get you and your team on board and commence with the initial communication

All users receive a simple onboarding and access to extensive training materials that cover more than just the application. We work together to establish collaboration guidelines and identify areas of potential improvement.

You can start using right away and seamlessly integrate it into your workflow

Due to its simple onboarding process, can be used immediately. Additionally, historical documents can be imported to further streamline the process.

Evaluate und review your progress through

After the first few weeks and months of implementation, we will reassess the situation and monitor your progress. Try for free!

" empowers companies to soar to new heights of productivity through agility and ownership, transforming uncertainty into clarity."

Dr. Rudolf Krickl

Territory Senior Partner

" has restored consistency, structure, and, above all, efficiency to our meetings, all the while preserving our flexibility."

Michael Krammer


" not only exceeded all of our requirements but what truly set them apart was the exceptional level of guidance the team provided us right from our very first appointment."

Peter Langeder


" satisfies all our criteria for modern board management by delivering robust functionality, and presents an intuitive interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience."

Christian Klein



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