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Dead protocols: The intelligent graveyard in your company

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Protocols are ubiquitous in companies, but their significance is often underestimated. They are often stored on a file server after meetings and then forgotten. Yet, these seemingly dead protocols often contain the most valuable information and decisions of your company.

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A common phenomenon

Decisions are recorded in protocols, but they rarely get the recognition they deserve. In larger companies, thousands of protocols are generated annually by executives. However, the relationship with these protocols is often "complicated." Some ignore them, while others fear them, thinking they might contain confidential information. It's time to abandon both ignoring and fearing and strategically and sustainably leverage the results of your meetings. Suitable software can help you effectively support the confidentiality of your protocols.

Don't lose sight of important decisions

It is crucial not to lose sight of the most important decisions, but this is often easier said than done. About 25% of all decisions fade away, causing enormous damage to your company. This phenomenon is not surprising. If you were to work in marketing without CRM or in the company without ERP, the damages would be comparable. Yet, as executives, we are not fully accustomed to digital work.

Intelligent decision management

Your executives spend up to 75 % of their working time in meetings, producing important assets in the form of decisions. These assets deserve professional management. Use the right software to leverage valuable information in protocols and minimize the damage caused by lost decisions. Intelligent decision management that supports confidentiality and provides a unified place for protocols is crucial to unearth the true treasures of your company and reduce the damage caused by lost decisions.

The solution for dead protocols and effective meetings

To improve handling dead protocols in your company and make your meetings more efficient, you can rely on the support of is an innovative software solution that helps optimize your meetings, track decisions, and enable your team to collaborate more effectively.

With, you can revolutionize the management and utilization of your protocols. The software provides you with a management cockpit where you can find crucial information and decisions in real-time. Protocols are centralized and treated confidentially, so you no longer lose the true treasures of your company. With, you have the opportunity to strategically and sustainably leverage your decisions to minimize the damage caused by lost decisions.

Visit and discover how our innovative solution supports executives in making better decisions and collaborating more effectively. Don't miss our upcoming 90-second podcasts, where we highlight various topics relevant to executives. – the solution to revive dead protocols and take your company to the next level.

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