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Elevator Pitch: Streamlining meetings effectively

Team meeting with an elevator pitch

Discontent, lack of preparation, timing issues, and a lack of result tracking are some of the challenges faced by executives. An elevator pitch is a way to refocus on the essentials, conveying one or two key points and establishing a connection with the most critical agendas.

In this blog post, discover how can help optimize your meetings through elevator pitches and successfully implement decisions. Our CEO, Mic, also shares valuable insights and tips on this topic in our new YouTube video.

The costs of poor meetings

Imagine three-quarters of all executives are dissatisfied with their meeting processes. About a quarter of decisions made end up going nowhere, causing significant financial damage. This leads to frustration and may result in executives leaving the company. It's time to make a change and streamline meetings effectively.

The problem with unused decisions

Executives spend a considerable portion of their working hours in meetings, but the decisions made are often not adequately followed up. They end up in dead protocols and are forgotten. However, decisions are the most crucial product of an executive and should be treated accordingly. These vital assets deserve efficient management to ensure the company's success.

The solution – The Modern Management Cockpit: Developed in collaboration with top companies, is a modern management cockpit designed to help executives eliminate the chaos of various software programs. is like a CRM system in marketing but tailored to all executives and their assistants. It is a digital assistant that serves everyone and is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern boards and executive committees.

The power of good meetings and efficient management

Good meetings lead to good decisions, and efficient management of both assets – meetings and decisions – results in satisfied employees and better company outcomes. supports you in optimizing your meetings, delivering key points like an elevator pitch, establishing a connection to decisions, and tracking them to enable your team to collaborate more effectively.

Visit and discover how we assist executives in making their work more professional. Our innovative solution will revolutionize your meetings and help you make better decisions. Don't miss our upcoming 90-second podcasts highlighting various topics relevant to executives.

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