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More efficient meeting processes and legally compliant data management at Cerafiltec

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An increased need to manage meetings and stem the flood of emails prompted CERAFILTEC to look for technical support for board management.

The company quickly came across's solution, and after a short test phase it was clear that it was the right tool to exploit the potential of the meeting processes and to manage the associated data and documents in compliance with the law.

"We opted for because the tool not only meets our requirements for modern meeting management in terms of functionality, but also offers an appealing look and feel and is intuitive to use," explains Christian Klein, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at CERAFILTEC.

The simple and quick onboarding process is also particularly noteworthy - the most important functions can be used after just one training session. is a web-based offering, which means that the software does not need to be downloaded, but can be used immediately after the boards and users have been created.

More efficient meeting management from A to Z

For example, the company uses to plan, conduct and follow up on quarterly Supervisory Board meetings and is already planning to use it for monthly management meetings. For meetings of this kind, those responsible see the strength of the tool above all in the optimization of processes and central processing via a data protection-compliant platform.

CERAFILTEC considers the following functions to be particularly helpful in supporting the meeting process:

  • Invitation of participants
  • Coordination and dispatch of the agenda
  • Time management during the meeting
  • Live logging in the system
  • Meeting minutes: review, approval and feedback options in the platform

In addition to increased efficiency, the use of an appropriate solution also brings greater commitment for all participants and more transparency, so that everyone involved always has the same level of knowledge. The systematic recording and resulting tracking of decisions and to-dos (including responsibilities and deadlines) gives all authorized persons a better overview.

The company also appreciates the 24/7 availability of data and functions. All details can be viewed around the clock with personal access data and from any device. In the initial feedback interview, Klein also praised the ease with which the recorded information can be found using the power search and the connection to the Microsoft world, such as the linking of appointments with the company's own Outlook calendar.

Digital processing of circular resolutions

In addition to traditional meeting management, CERAFILTEC also uses the digital circular resolution function. "With, joint resolutions can be processed quickly and easily - even with a large number of people involved," reports Klein. This significantly reduces the processing time for formal decisions and saves on emails and paper. In addition, the status of the vote can be queried at any time and further details, such as reasons for dissenting votes, can be stored in the system.

Christian Klein, COO CERAFILTEC
Christian Klein, COO, CERAFILTEC

When selecting the meeting management software, CERAFILTEC also paid particular attention to customer support and felt that it was in very good hands with right from the start: "I really appreciate the personal support from the team - this started when we first made contact and has continued throughout our collaboration," says Klein.

"I can definitely recommend The software is intuitive to use and ensures greater commitment and a better overview of decisions and measures."


CERAFILTEC uses effectively to make meeting processes more efficient, manage data in a legally compliant manner and implement digital circular resolutions. In addition to the functions themselves, CERAFILTEC particularly appreciates the design and usability of the solution, the connection options to the Microsoft landscape, the flexible availability and retrievability of all stored information and the support provided by the team. The tool-supported handling of meeting and decision-making processes increases clarity, commitment and transparency in the collaboration between management teams and investors.

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