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Revolutionizing meeting culture

a team come together and put their knuckles together

Meetings are an essential part of everyday business, but all too often, they become time-consuming and consume valuable resources. To significantly enhance the meeting culture in companies and enable more efficient collaboration, offers an innovative solution.

In this blog post, you will discover how can help improve the effectiveness of your meetings and revolutionize collaboration. But that's not all – our CEO, Mic, has shared his insights and tips on this topic. See for yourself what he has to say and learn how can optimize meetings in your company, ensuring long-term success. Watch our exciting YouTube video now!

Analyzing the current situation

To identify improvement potentials in your company, conducts a comprehensive survey through a questionnaire. This questionnaire captures the current meeting culture in your company and serves as a starting point for optimization. By assessing the current situation, you gain valuable insights and can work specifically on the weaknesses. The comprehensive meeting solution offers companies a variety of features to support decision-making and efficiency improvement in meetings. With the software, you can create standardized templates, generate live protocols during sessions, and seamlessly edit them afterward, ensuring maximum benefit from each meeting.

Efficient documentation and decision enables the efficient documentation of decisions and the creation of feedback loops. The software facilitates decision distribution and allows easy tracking. Decisions are captured separately, providing a clear structure and transparency. Additionally, the intuitive full-text search in previous protocols allows quick retrieval of relevant information. also offers the option to export protocols into various file formats, facilitating collaboration with external partners.

  • Secure Digital Environment prioritizes the security of your data. The software provides a secure digital environment where all meeting protocols and decisions are treated confidentially. Through the use of state-of-the-art security technologies, your information is ensured to be protected at all times.

  • Measurable Improvements

After implementing, you will receive the questionnaire again to measure improvements in your meeting culture. These measurements help you monitor progress and make further adjustments if necessary. continuously supports you in optimizing your meetings and taking your collaboration to the next level.


Take the first crucial step in improving your meeting culture by filling out the questionnaire and analyzing your current situation. Click here to start the questionnaire. Upon completion, you will receive meaningful results showing how can enhance your meetings.

With our support, you can achieve a significant increase in efficiency and collaboration in your company. Contact us today to learn more about and set the course for your long-term success. Together, we will elevate your meetings to a new level!

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