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Efficient meeting management: let our AI work for you

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In a nutshell

Artificial intelligence, in the form of LLMs like ChatGPT, has gained momentum in recent months and is set to revolutionize our way of working. It's a small revolution, and this technology will undoubtedly assist managers in various aspects and questions within companies. At, our goal is to harness this AI and elevate the value of our meeting solution to the next level.

For many years, we have been involved in artificial intelligence and have successfully implemented various projects. Starting in the summer of 2023, we are now embarking on the AI journey for our board and management meeting solution, introducing some very interesting features to our product.

Protocol summarization

"Make the story short" – that's precisely what this first AI function is all about. Long meeting transcripts are cumbersome to read, making it challenging to identify key points and decisions. The AI assists by providing a structured summary of protocols and an explicit list of decisions.

In practice, when the feature is active, a summary is available for all protocols recorded in This is in addition to the long version of the protocol and requires no effort or involvement from an employee.

This drastically reduces reading efforts for you and your colleagues, and these summaries serve as a clear advantage as reference material.

Value-added chat

Those who make effective use of – which, by the way, is not challenging – can enjoy a very special Chat (Optional Assist) function. Imagine having all your meeting protocols and uploaded meeting documents at your disposal as a data source, allowing you to easily ask a question. You'll receive answers in a readily understandable format (based on an LLM – Large Language Model, similar to ChatGPT), granting you access to your entire company's management knowledge. Examples include conducting research before a meeting, preparing for a decision, addressing general questions that arise during meetings, or even individual manager queries outside of meetings.

Compliance query – provides the answer!

Guideline compliance and, more importantly, adherence to laws your company is subject to are essential. Often decisions are made without subsequent checks on compliance with company guidelines. The increasing complexity of legal requirements imposes challenges, with non-compliance resulting in severe economic consequences for the company. While we understand the guidelines and laws, the necessary legal experts are often not present in meetings or available for immediate research. assists by providing an initial opinion and checking against your guidelines.

Assuming you upload your company policies and legal regulations to*, the platform enables you to verify whether your initiative or potential decision aligns with the guidelines. This includes considering all protocols and decisions previously recorded in the system.

*These documents can be easily updated in the event of changes.

Risk and data protection

We are mindful of the sensitivity of data processed and stored in our solution, and security and data protection have been a priority from the start. With the application of artificial intelligence, this commitment remains unchanged, and we **guarantee the protection of your data with the technology used, regardless of the source of information serving as the data basis for the new AI functionalities: from protocols, uploaded attachments, presentations, or guidelines.

As an LLM, we use a Mashup technology, which in turn ensures data processing within Europe.

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