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Board management software: more efficient collaboration in management teams

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Board management software helps to exploit the potential of meetings, simplify the day-to-day work of management teams and improve their results.

Top managers spend around 23 hours a week in meetings. The better these meetings are planned, conducted and followed up, the more efficiently the required resources (especially the time of all participants!) can be used.

The advantages of board management software

The work of management committees is not only crucial to the success of an organization, but also complex and usually time-consuming - this is exactly where board management tools come in:

The multi-stage meeting process and the associated communication channels become much more effective through seamless digitalization and centralization - this saves time and costs at several levels and gives decision-makers a better overview of current projects as well as improved collaboration between management teams.

The effectiveness of a meeting starts with careful planning. With the help of board management software, preparation can be done in good time and always according to the same framework - from sending the invitation to the participants to sharing the agenda and uploading documents. This means that everyone involved knows everything important in advance and can prepare for the upcoming meeting directly in the tool.    

Board management systems also support the running of meetings with numerous practical functions., for example, offers monitoring of the meeting in the system with an integrated timer to keep everything in view. At the same time, the transcript can be recorded live in the system and simply sent to all participants after adaptation and approval. Another particularly popular feature is the minutes extract function, which allows you to determine who can view the underlying information for each agenda item. If a topic needs to be postponed to the next meeting, this can be done with just a few clicks and a reason given.

After the board meeting is before the board meeting! Sustainable follow-up is crucial for the impact of a meeting. Since not only the minutes, but also resolutions and measures can be created separately with all details in the software, their status can be automatically tracked and, if necessary, requested - so that important decisions no longer come to nothing in the future!

In addition to the standardization of processes and the optimization of minutes, the uniform availability of data in a digital, highly secure location is another reason for using a board management tool. With, a fast full-text search also supports the retrieval of information and documents in real time.

Circular resolutions made easy

One particular added value of board management software is the virtual processing of circular resolutions. Joint decisions can be made quickly, simply and easily using the tool. In addition to saving time, the advantages of digital processing are that no paper is required, the status of the resolution can be viewed at any time and the voting result is automatically visualized.

Tips for selecting board management software

There are several factors to consider when selecting board management software. The simplicity and relevance of use for managers, their assistants and other people involved are particularly important - provides different functions for different roles for this purpose. Managers, for example, are given a reduced view so that they can concentrate on the essentials. It is also important that logging into the system is quick and easy; ideally, there are various login options to choose from (e.g. use of Microsoft 365).

When selecting a suitable tool, it is also important that the entire meeting process is covered - from the first steps of preparation to the implementation and follow-up of the agreed measures. It is also important to ensure that the software is easy to activate for the first time so that training time is kept to a minimum. You should also evaluate the support options on offer and the integration into your own IT landscape, such as linking appointments with the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Security first!

Board management software should guarantee that all documents are protected from cyber attacks and unwanted access. To this end, a series of technical and organizational measures are combined, which are regularly reviewed and adapted as necessary.

The focus here is on data confidentiality, in the sense of encrypting stored and transmitted information in accordance with current standards. This includes, for example, the use of European servers and cooperation with companies that also comply with current standards. In addition, information should not be able to be changed by third parties in order to meet the requirements for audit security. Another principle is the availability of data, which also includes access via various devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) at any time.

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